There are many bookies with online casinos that appear to be extremely entertaining. However, not all playgrounds are reputable and bring attractive bonuses for you. Coming to Nowbet, players will join the number 1 house in the online casino market with many types of card games and entertainment games. Especially, the house brings the leading product suppliers in Asia and Europe for players to enjoy.

Introducing Nowbet's casino entertainment

Born in early 2021, Nowbet was immediately licensed by the world online casino organization Pago to operate. Entering the Vietnamese market with many features, products, and online casino tournaments is one of the games that you cannot ignore when coming to the house. Currently, the community of players is increasingly large, players will find many of their favorite matches and games when joining the online casino of the house.


Currently, in addition to providing casino card games, the house also offers attractive betting games. These are popular products along with many unexpected offers that you cannot miss in your game. You can completely apply and create new types and strategies to help win games at Nowbet.

The leading online casino provider in the market

The attraction and prestige of the house is not only based on products and features, but nowbet's suppliers also cannot ignore. Backed by technology and finance, the bookie has successfully linked with many of the world's leading card game and online casino game providers as follows.

Asia Gaming

Philippine entertainment products supplier with decades of operation. All Asia Gaming products are censored for transparency and fairness with many unique betting halls for you to explore.


Not only providing attractive sports betting odds, but Sbobet also brings Nowbet the leading online casino betting rooms with a full range of card games such as Baccarat, Blackjack, Poker...

Sexy Baccarat

If you want to enjoy sexy girls in the process of playing cards, then Sexy Baccarat is the place you cannot ignore. Every Baccarat table has an attractive girl as the Dealer waiting for you to bet.

Gameplay Interactive

The attractive 3D online casino is chosen by many people for entertainment. You can join any time of the day.

WM Casino

A leading Asian supplier with every Dealer being Asian with Vietnamese language. You can bet and chat at the same time.


Referring to Playtech, everyone knows the world's top supplier. Offers a variety of attractive casino card games. In addition, playtech also develops a variety of entertainment every year for you to enjoy.


Offering various types of betting entertainment such as Bull Bull, Dragon Tiger, Roulette… Allbet provider always helps you enjoy the best service when betting.

Dream Gaming

Is a Thai game manufacturer and provides many reputable bookmakers including Nowbet. Players can enjoy extremely beautiful Asian Dealers that are hard to find in any online casino.

Learn about Online Casino at Nowbet

Online casino can be understood as the house will offer games similar to the actual type of casino. Especially at Nowbet you will admire casinos from Macau, Hong Kong to casinos in Las Vegas. Products from card games to betting games will be made live in the most authentic way. Every aspect of the table is live to ensure transparency and fairness in your bets. This is what makes it interesting, attractive and comfortable when betting at Nowbet's online casino.

Joining Nowbet's online casino is extremely simple and easy. The house in addition to the live system also has many types of 3D and 4D online casinos to keep you entertained at all times of the day. When joining Nowbet's online casino you need to remember the following points.

Understand the betting product you are starting to participate in. The Nowbet house has instructions for each game in its online casino system. You can learn before placing a bet from terms, rules, rules ... Especially in the blog Nowbet also has specific strategies, experiences, and instructions for you to bet.

Choose to participate in games or card games that you personally like and understand. Each game in Nowbet's online casino is designed in detail and specifically to create excitement. So enjoy  with the game you are best at.
Choose a familiar game provider. Is an international playground and spreads in many places. Nowbet has many different reputable providers with different features and products. Please choose a supplier you are familiar with.

Attractive entertainment products

Coming to Nowbet online casino you will enjoy many entertainment products. At the house playground, there are many types of attractive betting products that players cannot miss as follows.

Baccarat card game: A type of card game between Player and Banker. The two sides will compare together and whoever is closest to 9 will be n

final winner. The interesting point of the game is that there is a draw form and the Player will draw first, the Banker depends on the Palyer's score and taking cards.
Sicbo Dice Game: Any online casino has this top entertainment product. Coming to the top house in the market Nowbet, you can also fully experience many types of Sicbo with the highest payout rate currently.

Poker card game: An entertaining card game that relies heavily on strategy, alertness, and a bit of luck. Nowbet also develops many different types of Poker for you to choose from. Each type has a different form of betting and playing to help players not get bored.

Roulette wheel: At the reputable house Nowbet, you will enjoy two types of rounds: Roulette 1 0 and 2 0s. Based on your luck to bet exactly where the ball will go in the spin. . In addition, the Roulette table is also suitable for applying many interesting betting strategies.

Blackjack: The rules of this online casino card game are extremely unique when you can win with attractive bonuses. Players draw cards with no more than 21 points and conduct a match between the player and the dealer.
Advantages of betting at casino Nowbet

Not only offers superior products compared to the market, but the No. 1 house Nowbet also develops stable playing features, smooth story lines, no lag. Players are guaranteed a long game when playing betting games at Nowbet.

Currently, you not only bet on the Pc platform, but Nowbet's apps also have an online casino table for you to conveniently entertain whenever you want.

Safeguard player information when registering. How to play simple, convenient to learn.
The game interface is beautifully designed. From sound to picture quality is always guaranteed.

Players can pay out their winnings whenever they want. The bookie ensures safe transactions for you.
Many unexpected offers when coming to Nowbet's online casino. Players will also receive the most comprehensive online customer service support.


The number 1 house Nowbet always brings many surprises in the betting process of players. Safe and reputable playground is the criterion of the prestigious Nowbet house. All products and online casino games offer attractive bonuses. Quickly create an account and enjoy the professional online casino betting space of the top house Nowbet.